“Roycekey Show – Beats n Banter”

Roycekey Show “Beats n Banter” is a show hosted by Eth-Nick (aka Royce Murphy), and DJ Free-key.
Here you will hear only top tier music featuring R&B, Hip-hop, EDM, Dance, Funky House, Commercial Chart, plus much more, blended in with humourous banter.


Eth-Nick is no stranger to entertainment, he has made tv appearances on show’s such as Rise, and performed stand up comedy in venues such as Comedy Club in Central London. He is an experienced dancer who is different from the “norm”. He always displays a lot of passion, and you will often catch him dancing where ever he goes…. literally!!!

He has a natural flow infront of the camera or mic, never a dull moment, and  will always electrify the room!!!


DJ Free-key is an experienced, and very versatile DJ that has been rocking London clubs, bars, houses, weddings, birthdays, children’s parties, and even church events, using my SERATO + Macbook, since the year 2000.

Started off DJ’ing on Pirate radio stations in South East London and events in the Afro-Caribbean community, then moved into events in the Chinese community where he DJ’d for many years. Also provided the music for a lot of parties/events in the Filipino community, such as birthdays, christenings, debuts, and church events. Nowadays, you can catch DJ Free-key in broad range of venues/communities.

Music Genres:
R&B | Hip-Hop | Dance | Commercial Pop | Funky House | UK Garage | Bashment | old skool 90′s to early 2000′s | 70′s | 80′s | Disco | Motown | Soul | Funk | Cha Cha | Tango | With a touch of Electro, House, Jungle, and UK Funky

Some of the places Free-key has DJ’d at include:
Ministry of Sound | Metra | Silks and Spice | Club Colosseum | Zoo Bar | CC Club | Limelights | Click | Scala | Penthouse | SEone | No. 1 | View | Cafe De Paris | Heaven | Alibi | Suger Reef | The Refinery | plus many more…..



The Roycekey show involves EXCLUSIVE Club Bangers, with both commercial and independant hip-hop flavours, mixed + blended with some humourous banter…..



Official DJ Free-key website: www.free-key.co.uk

Royce Key Facebook page: http://en-gb.facebook.com/royce.key.7


Roycekey Show feat Eth-Nick + DJ Free-key 11/10/16

The latest show from Roycekey.


This week’s show features R&B, Hip-Hop, EDM, Dance, and Funky House.

Eth-Nick goes up first, then DJ Free-key takes the second half of the show.

All this mixed in with some humorous banter…..


To listen, click below: